CD edition re-released by The Other Voices

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CD edition released by The Other Voices

Press-kit: Unique tribal dub-trance music influenced by arabic culture with a touch of post-industrial. Hypnotic rhythms mixed with with eastern vibes. Muslimgauze at it's best! Also available as black vinyl and CD A compilation of tracks spread on various other compilations contains:

1 taken from VA - 110 Below - No Sleeve Notes Required (110 Below, 1995)
2 taken from VA - Assemblage Volume Two (Extreme, 1996)
3 taken from Nonplace Urban Field – Golden Star (Incoming!, 1996)
4 taken from VA - Le Sacre Du Printemps (Gonzo Circus, 1994)
5 taken from VA - X-X Section (Extreme, 1991)
6 taken from VA - Directions 2 (Direction Music, 1989)

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