CD released by Winter-Light.

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CD released by Winter-Light.

Press-kit: Aetherium Nebula is the latest addition to our Winter-Light artist roster. This new ambient, drone project is created by Dan Barrett, also known as Worms of the Earth. The aim of this project is to write deep, non-intrusive music for exploring dream and astral realms. The main focus is manifesting atmospheres inspired by the intersection of sadness, spirituality, and far future, cyberpunk science fiction.
‘Glacialis Mundi’ is a musical journey to a frozen world of eternal snowstorms, icy oceans, desolate plains, and ancient temples half-buried in snow. Beneath the surface of the planet lie frost-bitten tunnels containing the long-abandoned mechanical remnants of a forgotten civilisation.
"At present I have come upon the planet. Its only designation is an ambiguous code which identifies its coordinates in the vast, multi-layered matrix of space. Cursory scans show a dead world; there are no signs of living beings, sentient or otherwise. Perhaps some form of life dwelt here once but is now buried under an eternity of frost.
Immediately upon landing, my vessel is engulfed by the maw of the great white wall of snow. The roiling winds clatter viciously against the outer hull masking the deathlike silence of the abandoned world…"
Musically, the album started as experimentation solely using modular synths, however the project grew to expand outside of those parameters and incorporate a range of synths, sound sources, and found sounds.
Dan is also known for his ethno-industrial and dark ambient releases on labels such as Zazen Sounds and Tympanik Audio. 

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