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FABIO ORSI 'Dust At Night' CD

CD released by Silentes.

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CD released by  Silentes.

Press-kit:Fabio Orsi is that imaginative weaver of atmospheres for great horizons that each time takes the mind and intellect far away. The new "DUST AT NIGHT", a 3-stage journey into the aural interspaces of the most immersive and alienating mantric-minimalist diction, is no exception. It is impossible to homologate the Italian composer's musical figure except perhaps to connect it by emotional induction to the astral radiations of Brian Eno in his ambient music years, with the enigmatic and deep drone voices echoing the harmony of the spheres, while the dilated beats of the rhythmic progressions seem to evaporate through circles of the infinite universe. Yet another sonic enchantment signed by Fabio Orsi.

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