It's fourth full-length album of this group. CD edition released by Zoharum

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"Fire Worshipper" is the group's fourth full-length album, recently released by House Of Mythology, but only on vinyl. As a result, since the premiere, there have been many questions about the availability of the material in another format. Therefore, in the face of unwavering interest and constant questions, in order to meet the expectations of their fans, the band entrusted the publication of this title on CD to the Zoharum label, thus continuing the cooperation undertaken a few years ago, under which we published on CD the material from their double 10" release "Mirrors & Tides, Shivers & Voids".

The core of the STARGAZER'S ASSISTANT group consists of three musicians: David J. Smith (GUAPO), Michael J. York (COIL) and David J. Knight (UnicaZurn), who were accompanied during the last recording session by Antti Uusimaki, a long-time friend, producer, musician and recording engineer. "Fire Worshipper" is the result of the band's natural development in the direction chosen by its members a long time ago. The music on this album seems to arise from the similar sensitivity of these three personalities, so that what undoubtedly influenced numerous projects within their parent groups, here is realized in the form of a dialogue, based on their specific harmonies, sounds and an atmosphere resembling something like a sound meditation, enriched with acoustic decorations. This musical phenomenon can be simply defined as esoteric ambient, stylistically fitting somewhere between the albums of Cyclobe, UnicaZurn, Coil from the last period of activity and all kinds of lunar publications.

CD in a six-panel digipack..

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