Mr. MOTO Meets DE FABRIEK – Rovelatous Dans Le Fabrique CD

CD edit released by EE Tapes.

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CD edit released by EE Tapes.
Press-kit: CD and DDL reissue of a limited tape from 1996 on EE Tapes!

A co-work between Matthias Lang (Irre Tapes, Germany) and DE FABRIEK (Holland) 'Quite an interesting and lively collaboration on this tape released by the Belgian Tape label EE Tapes back in 1996. Here Mr. Moto [Matthias Lang] from Germany and De Fabriek from Holland meet on a neutral ground to work on a unified project of experimental electronic sounds. They are delivering to us weird yet beautiful electro-experimentations! 8 tracks (4 each side) crafted with minimal sequencing and yet sometimes rhythmic and slow moving forward implosions of melodies/noises.'

EE Tapes

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