WHITE STAINS - Singleminded Dualisms (1988-1989) CD

This is a CD compilation featuring tracks previously released only on 7" and 12" EPs.

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WHITE STAINS came into the minds of many listeners thanks to the regular debut album, recorded together with Psychic TV "Live At Stockholm". However, the history of this band and its metamorphoses goes back much further. Founded by Carl Abrahamsson, from the beginning it served as a tool for proclaiming manifestos inspired by the works of, among others, Aleister Crowley (White Stains is the title of one of the most important texts of the British magician) and other proponents of free thought. While the issues they raised were invariably focused around the subject of occultism and secret knowledge, in the musical layer the band underwent many metamorphoses: from occult/gothic rock through ambient to experimental electronics. As their style crystallized, Carl and Thomas Tibert renamed White Stains to Cotton Ferox. This publication opens the series of reissues of the Swedish group. It is a collection of all short publications that preceded their debut, recorded in the years 1987-1989 and released in the same time only on vinyl 7" and 12" EPs. So far, they have not been available on any other medium. The whole thing was provided with a proper commentary by Carl Abrahamsson, which is a great introduction to listening to the material, pointing to the context in which the compositions contained therein were created.

On the occasion of this publication, we have prepared a special collector's edition in a wooden box, limited to only 50 pieces, which, apart from the regular CD, contains various extras: cards with replicas of the original covers, a sticker, pins and a backpack (bag) with the characteristic logo of the Swedish band.

Release date 16.06.2023.

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