HARMONY OF STRUGGLE - Brutal Aesthetics CD

"The Truth Penetrates Your Mouth" is the second full-length album and the third publication of the Polish project...

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CD edit released by Zoharum
"Brutal Aesthetics" is the second album of this Power Electronics project. HARMONY OF STRUGGLE consistently develops the threads contained in the debut, touching upon the phenomena and techniques of manipulation, sometimes affecting entire social groups, in order to awaken their wildest instincts, determining them to acts of an unprecedented scale of cruelty, which became the obligatory norm for some unexplained reasons and the cause of merciless murders or mass suicides. We will find here topics teleated to the history of Jonestown, references to the merciless and cruel practices of a thousand cuts, carried out in the majesty of the law, and there are also threads related to war stories, which in a broader perspective would be the main subject of the debut. The music of HARMONY OF STRUGGLE is still raw, noisy, sleazy and uncompromising Power Electronics. In the next instalment, thanks to the new production,  has gained a lot in sound. Moreover, "Brutal Aesthetic" is a stylistic extension of the formula started on "Tearing Your Mind To Pieces".
CD edition in a 6-panel digipack, edition of 300 copies.
Release date 7. Nov. 2023

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