RENALDO M. - They Blessed The Body Breadcrumbed CD

CD released by Klanggalerie

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CD released by Klanggalerie

"Now here’s a surprise, a solo album by Renaldo M is due for release on Klanggalerie in October. Called ‘They Blessed The Body Breadcrumbed’ it is a 13 track collection of original songs, most of which were started during the period Renaldo & The Loaf were not together. It features guest musicians Nolan Cook, Mike Howlett and Frank Pahl. With some very extended gaps in between, it has taken over 30 years to complete but is finally done!" Renaldo M. aka Brian Poole is half of British eccentric avant-garde group Renaldo & The Loaf. They are an English musical duo active since the late 1970s, consisting of a pathologist (David Janssen or Ted the Loaf) and an architect (Brian Poole or Renaldo Malpractice). By their own assertion, they achieved their unique sound in part by striving to get unnatural synthesizer-like sounds using only what instruments they had available (acoustic ones). To that end they routinely used muffled and de-tuned instruments, and, often to striking effect, tape loops and manipulation. In 2018 they played their first ever live show at Klang 25 in Vienna, documented on the album Long Time Coming. In 2016 the group recorded a brand new album entitled Gurdy Hurding. David Janssen aka Ted the Loaf has released some solo albums under the name The Darkening Scale and as a duo called The Tapeworm Vessel. Renaldo M. has so far contributed vocals to many songs by other artists, but this is his first album as a solo artist. It was recorded over a period of 30 years and is now finally available in finished form. 

The impulse for Gauze is to be a prophylactic talisman and ward for the families directly involved with the Burial Hex project, though it can be effective for anyone who needs an extra layer of defense. The art, lyrics and sound were all layered together with supersensible content generated specifically for this purpose. Beyond just protection and defense, Gauze is an invitation to transcend sclerotic ways of experiencing incarnation, by freely juxtaposing increasingly divergent forms, and reconciling all with warmth and passion. Such has been the work of the Burial Hex project since its inception, striving towards a gestalt of timeless and enduring realms via a benign spiritual interaction with conflicting beings.

With Gauze we hear the mouths of Burial Hex spit in the face of those who would reduce psychic experience and spiritual feeling to material processes, penetrating the density of human denial and cracking the electronic shell which crushes much of our humanity. CD in digipa


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