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Gianluca Becuzzi - Black Mantra 2CD

A double CD album released by Silentes.

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A double CD album released by Silentes.

Kali, "The Black-One", is the Hindu goddess of death, time, supreme power, destruction and change. She is dark and heartless, the anti-mother with a bloodied face. She is "The One Who Dances", leading the world towards dissolution, end and rebirth. The origins of the Thug clan, stranglers known for their ritual murders, are linked to this karmic cycle. Since the last century, her mysterious charm has inspired literature and cinema, making her a popular figure also in the Western world. Just as, more generally, Indian mysticism and its traditional music, based on the sound continuum, is origin and source of inspiration for all Drone Music and for musical avant-gardes linked to it.

Gianluca Becuzzi

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