A double CD album from Merzbow released by Cold Spring.

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A double CD album from Merzbow released by Cold Spring.

Press-kit:  A documentation of prolific Japanese noise master Merzbow's double show at London's Cafe OTO in October 2016.
Rhythm-driven and rammed with highly sculpted frequencies, Akita's sound is entirely remorseless. Furious squalls and delicate sine-warps post this one on the more psychedelic end of Akita's output. Truly relentless, it is still hard to believe he created "Untitled Knife I" on a casual Saturday afternoon. Be careful with that volume...
"Performed on what looked like a hand-built guitar-like instrument and aided by a table full of electronics, all controlled by the legendary Japanese artist. The concert was very much about the physical impact of the sound. At several points during the set I could feel the fabric of my jeans and jacket vibrating from the extreme frequencies played at excessive volume... an intense and constant sonic attack" (Irregular Notes On Music).
Double CD in a matt-finish gatefold ecopak with photography by Masami Akita.

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