Jash Teua ‎– Amentia MC

A tape edition of Jash Teua album released by Aliens Prod. in 2020

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A tape edition of Jash Teua album released by Aliens Prod. in 2020

Release press: From far Nalchik we got this talented artist by the real name Zalim Bekulov, whose Caucasian roots and Russian nature armed him with both unusual producer perceptions and creative breakings of all kinds of dark styles that this artist is creating. In his sound visions, Zalim distributes his production loops into the waters of industrial down tempo trip hop or ambient. Often will bring every listener to uncertainties since the songs often unpacks and mingles in seminal stories and styles. All this sound delight is enriched with movie blocks in beautiful emotions on hypnotic waves. Industrial idm and pulsing electronics. Tribal corners in ambient dress and trip hop beat? I really can't choose. Bright palette of moods and styles. Clear sound and strong musical legacy. That's the debut album of this one man project that is worth a lot of attention!

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