V/A - Document 2 CD

CD edtion released by Aliens Prod. 

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CD edtion released by Aliens Prod. 

Release press: Original innocent grouping of creative community and projects thatoffered their message and let it mature to this form. A form that has finally acquired a decent palette of colors and modern fragments from the global electronic community. I really enjoyed this project because
until the last moment it didn't have its final place and classification under which I would immortalize it. It was basically like a larva from which you never know what will be born. When I discovered the complexity and musicality in every single body that left a mark here,
I had to immortalize him forever. Although musically each act is different, it is still identical, and each artist perfectly complements his uniqueness and handwriting. Bright variety of styles and modern electronics through transparent industrial, idm, dark electro or down tempo. Different surfaces of moods and emotions. Vibrations and melancholic stories from different parts of the world. I'm glad that taking part in this complex story and the sound orgasm is really from all over the world. All you have to do is look at the map and participation is growing from the countries such as: Slovakia, Germany, Russia, Chile, USA, Czech Republic, Holland, Japan, Ukraine, Hungary… 26 stories of underground electronics.

1.=mp45= - Nigthfeeling 04:56
2.Stairway Maze - Strangers 04:06
3.Alienated Entity - Hidden Meanings 04:31
4.Jihad - Identity 05:02
5.Human Vault - The Humman Error (Album Mix) 05:42
6.Media Data - R. Next Level 2021 02:59
7.dISHARMONY - Ritual Chants 02:58
8.Mortal Constraint - Stairs 05:47
9.Mortaja - Lower Control 04:22
10.MulpHia - Ice Silence (Edit) 05:07
11.Amnistia - Salvation (Frontier Guards Rmx) 05:01
12.Spherical Disrupted - Comet (Undocked Edit) 04:09
13.ISH - Probability Of Life 05:37
14.INABLVCKDOG & Jash Teua - Planeta 04:40
15.Noire Antidote - Trade Voids 04:01
16.Sunao Inami - Hope You're Happy Too 04:59
17.Holon - Abandoned Spaces 03:48
18.Samhain - Will Know The Truth 04:01
19.Headdreamer - Trip To Your Heart 04:18
20.Na-Hag - Dead Insects Colonies 05:12
21.Huron - SubT835_ZF 06:11
22.KeyHead - Lowe 04:57
23.Nadragea - The 6th Act (Data Protocol) 05:25
24.Cyclotimia - To Samantha 02:51
25.Oxyd - Symbols 04:32
26.=mp45= - Ghostnight 04:58

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