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TWELVE THOUSAND DAYS - The Birds Sing as Bells CD

CD edition in digipack released by Italian Final Muzik

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CD edition in digipack released by Italian Final Muzik. 

Press-kit  As Boreas makes whirlwinds of the leaves of Autumn, Martyn Bates & Alan Trench return with more mystic tales from the haunted lands of Twelve Thousand Days. An album that harks both to the past and the future, “The Birds Sing As Bells” includes one of the first songs Bates and Trench wrote together long ago last century, “The Knights Of December”.
Settings of Baudelaire rub shoulders with newly minted originals, mining golden seams of legend and awe, and stunning interpretations of traditional songs such as “The Cruel Brother” and “Two Ravens”.
Rich with both traditional and electronic instrumentation, the music ofTwelve Thousand Days defies categorisation; pagan, wyrd, experimental…the midnight chimes of “The Birds Sing As Bells” ring out in the stilly air… than three months between Nuneaton in England and Evia in Greece, this is TWELVE THOUSAND DAYS finest work to date!

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