VOID FILL 'Landfill History' CD

CD edition released by Fourth Dimmension' sublabel

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CD edition released by Fourth Dimmension' sublabel

The debut album by Void Fill, a transatlantic indie-rock band sitting in the delta of the '80s post-punk and '90s madchester/baggy/grebo revival. Pete F. Davies shouts from the UK, Ken Holiday and Jakob Rehlinger transmute his words into music in Canada. Ken and Jakob previously played together in a dance-punk band trading under the name The Clap during the mid-2000s. Ken currently records as Everything Is Geometry and Jakob as King Pong Dub System. Pete currently sings in the anarcho-post-punk band Gad Whip, whom Jakob released a cassette by on his now defunct label Arachnidiscs in 2017. The trio released their debut EP as an extremely limited edition one-sided 12" on the venerable Canadian label Lance Rock Records in 2018.

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