ULTRASOUND ‎– Death comes from the left 7"

7" releaseesd by Drone Records 

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7" releaseesd by Drone Records 

Endlich wieder erhältlich, die feine Single des US-“handplayed deep ambience” – Projekts in der zweien Auflage ! Klares Vinyl, klare Hülle...

„Eine pulsierende Wolke aus Gitarrenschwingungen in typischer Ultrasoundwärme. Kirk Laktas & Robert F. Ovetz an Gitarren & Bass, hier verstärkt zum Quartett mit Natalie Hill (guitar) & Tiana Hux (percussion), lassen wieder ihren dröhnenden Drachen steigen, mäandernde Waves als healing force, ein sonores Om aus allen Klangfarben des Regenbogens zusammengesetzt...“ [Bad Alchemy]

“Coming originally from Texas, the trio ultrasound (partly ex-STARS OF THE LID) are now located in Den Haag, Netherlands, and Austin, Texas, USA. They did a couple of fantastic guitar-drone-releases in the 90s, climaxing in their so far latest CD-album Hamesh, that went into new musical territory combining melodic songs with drones. With this, their first ever 7 EP, they present two unbelievable emotional touching pieces of guitar & bass-drone-music, where long echoes of overtone guitar-sounds melt in one stream of pure sensible acoustics... ultrasound submerges the listener into a deep salty sea to float on the frail border between air and water, light and reflection, perception and knowing. This is pure yearning transformed into sounds.“ [original info August 2001 ]

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