LP edition released by Tesco Germany

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LP edition released by Tesco Germany

Press-kit:"Wrath Of God“ is, possibly, the darkest and most oppressive work of MORAL ORDER. Also the most inaccessible and quoted so far. This album went on the market in 2018 in a careful edition on cassette, shuttered in wooden box pyro-engraved with the logo of the band. Limited to only 45 copies. It was sold out a few days after announcing the preorder, and there have been many who were left wanting to get this material. TESCO ORGANISATION relaunches it in vinyl format, accompanied by two unreleased extras songs to the same recording sessions. Seven tracks in which power electronics is interlaced with opaque and cold soundscapes. In some of them Fernando O. Paíno collaborates with other artists and friends, among which Kas Visions from DA-SEIN stands out.

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