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GODWIN POINT - III (Dawn+Dusk Entwined Sideproject) CD

CD released by Dark Vinyl
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CD edit. released by Dark Vinyl.
Press-kit: The 3rd opus from 'Godwin Point' once again explores territory where you'd least expect it, keen not to dig the same path. Nevertheless, unexpected but also familiar, continuing their re-reading of the classics of the 1990s, from the golden era of Cold Meat Industry to projects like Muslimgauze, with a touch of oriental sounds that smell of desert sand and machine grease. Haunting rhythms, repetitive bass lines, but also beautiful orchestrations and atmospheres that are both powerful and anguishing, forming a soundtrack to themes of geopolitics, domination, manipulation, power and peoples. There's no side-taking here, just a cold, straightforward vision of the way the world works, with all the players back to back, with their traces of blood, soil and oil.

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