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This Bisclaveret album contains 9 reworks prepared by bands from independent scene. Projects who undertook the task of remixeslaveret music are Moan, Endraum, Sleeping Pictures, Horologium, synta[XE]rror, Ghosts of Breslau, God's Bow. Loverdozed and Hoarfrost. Each of them reinterpreted Bisclaveret songs in their vein adding surprising elements, thus creating and exploding stylistic mix: from minimal sounds based on vocals and subtle melodies through elements of goth ending with electro-industrial versions. "Amalgame" presents a new face of this Polish band.
The disc contains a special bonus, "Insane in God" video.

1. Insane in God ("The Plastic Phantoms") remixed by Moan, 2007 2. Ritual of All-Embracing Madness (Thor's Papercut Mix) remixed by Sleeping Pictures, 2006 3. Insane in God (endraum vision) remixed at Weisser Herbst studio ffm in 2007 4. Duch mój ... (Ghosts of Breslau remix) remixed by Kormak at home studio in 2006 5. All Things Lost (Bisclaveret vs Loverdozed) remixed by Loverdozed, 2007 6. I'm Insane in ... (God's Bow remix) remixed by God's Bow at Lyre Studios, 2007 7. Ritual of All-Embracing Madness remixed by Hoarfrost, 2007 8. Ritual of All-Embracing Madness (Horologium remix) remixed in January 2008 9. Duch mój... (breslau's deathmix) remixed by synta[XE]rror, 2007 Insane in God (bonus video)

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