CD released by Winter_Light.

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CD released by Winter_Light.

Press-kit: Electronic Death Black Dogs are welcomed to Winter-Light with the stark and desolate 'Hinterland' album.
'Hinterland' is an audio air-brushed soundscape depicting a bleak, craggy landscape, sparsely inhabited, wind-swept and boulder strewn. Ancient fingers of granite, scrabble from out of the bowels of the Earth, pointing accusingly at the blackened skies above.
Dark ambient dreams from out of The Borderlands, created by Roddy Graham. His project has previously had releases in both digital and physical formats on the Lake, Noctivagant and Kalpamantra labels.
The idea of this album concept is to keep up the spirit of ancient and mostly forgotten paths of wisdom to a contemporary audience. It is dedicated to the spiritual seeker. 

Winter Light

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