TUNNELS OF ĀH - The Smeared Cloth 2012​-​2018 Unearhed 2CD

A double CD compilation released by Zoharum.

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“The Smeared Cloth” is a double CD compilation containing the TUNNELS OF ĀH recordings from 2012-2018, which have not yet been published on any medium. The first disc is filled with compositions from the period before the debut in Cold Spring and outtakes from the sessions for “Thus Avici”, the next album for the British label. The second disc contains tracks recorded during and between the sessions for “Surgical Fires” and “Charnel Transmissions”. Although they were created as loose compositions, in isolation from the concepts clearly outlined on each of the mentioned albums, they sound incredibly coherent, giving the impression of elements from which a larger whole was built. Thanks to this, they listen very well; especially when we allow ourselves to completely lose ourselves in the world created by Stephen Ah Burroughs with the sounds characteristic of his work. Sometimes they evoke associations with ancient rituals, intensifying the impression of Egyptian darkness, the feeling of coldness and emptiness coming as if from a deep dungeon, and with them an echo. All this is a superstructure for the 21 tracks filling both discs, outlined and maintained in a stylistic convention that allows them to be placed somewhere between isolating dark ambient and death industrial, where the dark aura and dense, mechanical structures coexist as if in symbiosis, thanks to which the balance between building the atmosphere and reflecting the true nature of the industrial collision.

This publication is undoubtedly a must-have for TOĀH fans, although it can also provide many impressions to those who appreciate death industrial at the highest level.

Release date 16.06.2023

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