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LHAM 'They Cast No Shadows' CD

CD released by Silentes

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CD released by Silentes.

Press-kit: A little over a year after the release of ”Leaving Hardly a Mark”, the LHAM project debut CD, Bruno De Angelis (Mana ERG) and Giuseppe Verticchio (Nimh, Hall of Mirrors, Twist of Fate) are back with “They Cast No Shadows”, continuing along the tracks of a strongly cinematic and evocative music, characterised by an alternation of melancholic and touching ambient atmospheres, more disquieting and obscure landscapes, and dynamic incursions into musical territories with a much more driving and dramatic imprint. A long journey that resumes the path begun with the previous album (followed only by the digital release of the "Slow Burner" EP), further expanding its horizons, in a high-impact mix of particular and refined sounds that outline a style that is ever more distinctive and personal.

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