Asmus Tietchens - Tarpenbek CD

CD edition in 12" hard box released by Auf Abwegen.

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CD edition in 12" hard box released by Auf Abwegen.
Press-kit: Tarpenbek is the realization of a project that has been long in the making and planning. It all started with a series of etchings by Rolf Zander that he made in the 1970ies. These etchings deal with the structures and topographical features of the small north german river “Tarpenbek”. The series of images is very reduced minimal and interwoven with textures on the original material.
Tietchens took each of these etchings as a starting point for a musical composition, taking ideas about structure and layers from the images. Ony in one instance field recordings from the riverbanks of the Tarpenbek were incorporated. At most instances the music is as minimal as the visual works.
Full of details and small surprising turns.

Auf Abwegen

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