INDALASKA - Musique Les Sables CD

 CD edtition released in limited edution of 250 copies.

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They became known thanks to cooperation with ALIO DIE, with whom they recorded on the album "Tempus Fugit". So far, they have released a total of three albums. You may know this duo as musicians of MANINKARI and SPHYXION projects. So this is the third musical incarnation of the brothers Frederic and Olivier Charlot. What makes it different from the others? While Maninkari explores the sounds of a soundtrack character, based on classical playing, while Sphyxion plays with synthwave aesthetics, INDALASKA offers listeners a different musical area, which can be described as drone / ambient. Their music is characterized by a cold sound. Using minimal resources, they managed to create an extremely intimate, muted and slow-motion, frame-by-frame album entitled "Musique Les Sables" (the music of the sand).

These 4 compositions are almost 40 minutes of an extraordinary journey into mysterious, unknown, endless spaces. If you are ready for it, please accept this recommendation as an invitation.
Album released on CD in ecopack. Limited edition to 250 copies

Release date 23.02.2023

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