In the next installment, with number 11, we present the album "Offals Of Emotions", which was originally released in 2004.

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"Offals of Emotions" is the next, eleventh chapter of the GT Archive Series. This time we present material recorded and originally released on CDR in 2004, between the recording sessions for "Scumerzbruit" and "Music For Vienna Aktionist". This is one of the more radical albums in Tomek Twardawa's discography. The total length of nearly 70 minutes consists of 5 longer musical forms, maintained in the style of noise. We are still dealing here with electroacoustic phrases, enhanced with noise, grating and high-frequency tones. Numerous feedbacks, field recordings, natural glitches created during recording, here used deliberately, create the building blocks from which the album "Offals Of Emotions" was forged. A must-have for fans of the project and chroniclers of Polish experimental music.

Edition on CD in a 4-panel eco-pack with a circulation of 200 copies.

Release date: 07.10.2022

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