LP edtition limited to 300 copies on black 180g vinyl in sleeve.

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LP edtition limited to 300 copies on black 180g vinyl in sleeve.

The last publication scheduled for 2023 is the latest, sixth studio album by the Płock group SCHRÖTTERSBURG, titled "Kosmogonia", which will be released on December 9. Atonal, psychedelic tribal industrial based on noise, noise and dark new wave textures. The trance, the rhythm of the falling city begins a transfer ritual to the core of the Earth - the place of creation and birth of everything...
Similarly to the previous two titles, the "Kosmogonia" material will be released on three media, i.e. on vinyl LP, CD and cassette, thanks to the cooperation of four labels: Zoharum, DIY Koło, Bat-Cave and N.I.C. Rec.
It includes seven new songs, arranged and recorded by a four-piece band with which the musicians have been performing for a long time. This also resulted in a new, slightly different than before, sound of the album. It can be said that "Kosmogonia" is the heaviest material in the output of musicians from Płock. However, it should be noted that weight is not the only distinguishing feature by which the latest album can be distinguished from the rest of the discography. It is rather a natural change resulting from the fact of constant musical exploration, which they start where the last sounds of "Om Shanti Om" are heard, only to disperse into new, previously unexplored directions. Of course, the new, being an element of surprise, did not erase the current character of the band. You can still hear that it is a constantly changing, but definitely still the SCHRÖTTERSBURG band.
The album was again recorded under the watchful eye and ear of Michał Kupicz. Graphic design by Tomek Mirt.
Release date 9.12.2023 / Shipping starts on 11.12.2023

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