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BRANDKOMMANDO - Jugoslavija 1941-1945 CD

CD edtition folded in ekoipack.

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BRANDKOMMANDO returns with a new album “Jugoslavija 1941-1945”, which will be released by Zoharum as one of the first few releases of 2024. Karol Wachowski’s project, in its characteristic way, contests totalitarianism, this time referring to the turbulent history of the rise of the communist regime of J. Tito,which ruled undivided for many years, using terror against the community living in then Yugoslavia. The musician uses means of expression typical of industrial style, close to the aesthetics of Power Electronics / Noise. Numerous quotations and samples from which the thematic outline emerges are subjected to numerous modifications and deconstructions, thus exposing the falsehood of the political manifestos and stripping the pathos and seriousness of these false and devalued ideas, which only serve to implement the tasks of the then authorities.

CD in a six-panel ecopack.
Release date: 30.01.2024

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