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N/Bu.d.d.A - N/Bu.d.d.A (LP)

LP edit..released by Auf Abwegen.

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LP edit.released by Auf Abwegen.

N & Bu.d.d.A. (Bund des dritten Auges)
Helmut Neidhardt, Chris Sigdell and Sascha Stadlmeier first met in 2020. They decided to record together and booked a studio in Dortmund. The recording session was spontaneous and somewhat chaotic. Thus it turned out, that only Helmut’s tracks were really usable. Using some sections as a basis, Chris completely re-recorded his guitar, added a little bit of vocal here and there, and then sent a rough mix to Sascha, who in turn added violin and musique concrete. The final assembly was edited and mixed by Chris Sigdell.
N and Bu.d.d.A. have since toured together, and at three dates even performed as a trio. Future collaborations are a given possibility…

Auf Abwegen

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