THE GREY WOLVES – Exit Strategy CD

CD edition released by Tesco Germany.

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CD edition released by Tesco Germany.

Press-kit: The Grey Wolves were David Padbury and Trevor Ward. Exit Strategy was produced, mixed, mastered with additional audio and artwork by Jerome Nougaillon. released in 6 panel digipak
The soundtrack to an as yet unmade Hong Kong splatter movie. A seemingly endless march through cinematic urban decay. The original sound reduced to its basic structure through loops, repetition, distortion and other alienation techniques.
it's time to think about an Exit Strategy. The sodium orange hours of the city make you believe in the apocalypse. It's time to stop crawling through the wreckage. There's nothing left except the recordings.You still love us. We will always hate you. This will be the last TGW album. Mastered by Propergol for intense listening dis/pleasure.

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