WERTHAM 'Anticitizen Number One' CD

CD edition released by Old Captain.

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CD editionn released by Old Captain.

Press-kit:“Anticitizen Number One” is a hard-boiled collection of different Wertham releases spawning from 2007 to 2014. The release includes complete track lists from "Maladolescenza" 7”, “Anticitizen” CDr, “Body Jigsaw” CDr as well as tracks from "Ivs Primae Noctis / Wertham" split 7” and "Tied To An Abuse” Sampler. Opening the CD are two exclusive tracks recorded in collaboration with Psywarfare and Folkstorm. Post industrial atmosphere and power electronic assault meet a masterclass of audio-criminology covering young offenders, antisocial behaviour, and inappropriate obsessions. Limited to 300 copies in a glossy 4-panel Digipak with random A3 posters.

Old Captain

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