THAT'S HOW I FIGHT - Movement Two CD

It's a second album of THAT'S HOW I FIGHT released on CD by Zoharum.

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After the well-received debut and EP, it's time for the second album THAT'S HOW I FIGHT. "Movement Two" picks up where the previous session left off. Along the way, the band expanded their line-up and merged into one organism over numerous sessions to even bolder embed improvisation as the main raw material from which their music is woven. With the use of the existing instrumentarium, expanded by using samplers, synthesizers or the accordion, and using their rich sound qualities, the musicians managed to record compositions of a slightly ethereal, airy nature and sometimes deeply remembered. Everything here is refined down to the smallest inch, so that even the smallest sound that gently fills the space seems to be an equally important element of a larger whole. Not without significance here is the sound, giving the whole final shape, but it is the rich arrangements that are the reason the album is special, thanks to which you can discover it many times. In other words, we can say that "Movement Two" is an invitation to many hours of travel and continuous discovery with each subsequent listening. Ready for it? We invite.

Release date 31.03.2023

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