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GINTAS K - Catacombs & Stalactites CD

CD in cartoon sleeve released by Antenna Non Grata.

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CD in cartoon sleeve released by Antenna Non Grata.

Press-kit: Gintas K (Gintas Kraptavičius) - a Lithuanian sound artist, composer living and working in Lithuania. Gintas has been a part of Lithuanian experimental music scene since 1994. Nowadays Gintas is working in the field of digital experimental and electroacoustic music, making music for films, sound installations. His compositions are based on granular synthesis, live electronic, hard digital computer music, small melodies. Collaborations with sound artists @c, Paulo Raposo, Kouhei Matsunaga, David Ellis and many others. He has released numerous of records on labels such as Cronica, Baskaru, Con-v, Copy for Your Records, Bolt, Creative Sources, Sub Rosa and others. Since 2011 member of Lithuanian Composers Union. He has presented his works, performed at various international festivals, conferences, symposiums

All music player, recorded live, using computer, midi keybords & controller by Gintas K (2021)
Cover art and design by Maciek Jaciuk

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