Cristiano Bocci / Francesco Arrighi / Mara Lepore - ANAGRAMMI CD

CD released by Unexplained Sound Group.

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CD released by Unexplained Sound Group.

Press-kit: The piano: the perfect balance between harmony and melody. Processing a piano is always an adventure; having 24 recordings of free improvisations performed by Francesco Arrighi and Mara Lepore) is an incredible sound palette to have available. These recordings were deconstructed into individual phrases and micro fragments and then reassembled, both serially and in parallell, to follow a unifying compositional idea. At the same time the tracks were dilated and processed with filters, echoes and granulation techniques in order to create the right mix between the sound of the instrument and its electronic transformation (Cristiano Bocci).

This album is in memory of Alessandro Giachero (1971-2020)

Cristiano Bocci (b. 1975, Italy)) is a multi-instrumentalist, sound designer and composer in Siena. His projects range from contemporary classical to radical improvisation and jazz-core. He has released works under his own name and with American double-bassist Daniel Barbiero; saxophonist Tobia Bondesan; and guitarist Fabrizio Bai. In addition, he has appeared on about twenty albums as a sideman or special guest.

Mara Lepore (b. 1977, Italy) is a classical pianist and piano teacher. She studied at the Livorno “ISSM Mascagni”, worked as a pianist and composer in many theatrical projects in Barcelona including “The last cabaret” show by Kiku Mistu and “Houdini y el arte de la fuga” for Sala Fenix. She is also interested in free improvisation. She currently lives and works in Livorno.

Francesco Arrighi (b. 1994, Italy). Currently he's pursuing a degree in jazz piano in Siena. Since 2018 he's been a regular member of the collective "Fonterossa Open Orchestra", with which he released an album earlier this year. 

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