AMPSCENT - Ampscent CD

Debut album of this duo released by Zoharum in 2023.

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AMPSCENT's debut album is a truly explosive, mix of unconventional styles, in this combination completely escaping any rigid definitions. This multidisciplinary duo focuses on using the contemporary electronic music landscape to select and redefine the notion of noise and failure as a desirable factor. Their music is based on cold yet powerful, consistently rousing tones and multi-layered lasting tensions while remaining in a kind of remote territory. The sonic resonance that emerges from it is repulsive and elevates towards alienation. The music uses industrial and noise signatures, but at the same time moves towards contemporary club connotations. To the extent that Ampscent uses equipment, its disregulation and choking reveals an attempt to identify the act of listening as a potentially uncomfortable space. Catharsis and relief come after trauma.

Release date 12.05.2023

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