WHITE STAINS - Dreams Shall Flesh CD

CD edtition folded in digipack.

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“Dreams Shall Flesh” (redux) is the second chapter in the series of WHITE STAINS publications reissued by Zoharum. It is also the second studio album in the band’s discography. As indicated by the note “redux” in the title, this edition has been enriched with bonus recordings, found in Carl Abrahamsson’s private archive, which have never been published before. We are still dealing here with dark wave music with elements of gothic rock. However, unlike the compilation containing vinyl EPs, a new direction is increasingly felt here, which will be fully developed on the next albums. In these songs with a verse-chorus-verse structure typical of rock music, there is more and more space for a slightly atmospheric, slightly psychedelic aura, which is reflected in the final sound that the band achieved on this material. This is especially noticeable on the additional songs, which they perfectly complement the new version of “Dreams Shall Flesh” (redux).

The material has been remastered again and has a new graphic design. Edition of 300 CDs folded in a six-panel digipack.
Release date: 30.01.2024

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