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NAKTYS - Liturgia CD

CD edtition folded in digipack.

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It’s the debut of the NAKTYS project. Its foretaste was the online single “Hermeneutyka”, published on our Bandcamp and YouTube profiles in December last year.

“Liturgia” (Liturgy), as this is the title of the full album, contains a total of 10 songs, characterized by a wide range of genres, because Naktys hypnotizes the listener with catchy melodies, based on trance phrases, sometimes broken by the overwhelming industrial sound density. In his work, he explores the areas of alternative rap, galloping EBM and unbridled noise. He does not rely on closed, finite formulas, treating his music as a pretext for an unlimited number of reinterpretations, believing that the path itself is more important than the goal chosen at the beginning. At the same time, The lyrical layer plays an important role here, which the creator puts on an equal footing with the music. He uses it to perform a kind of postmodern deconstruction of the phenomena that surround him, asking elementary philosophical questions, celebrating doubt and emanating truly punk energy. Through quasi-modernist poetics, as well as moving in the logic of fuzzy philosophical essays, he resists general truths proclaimed by many.

Material was mastered by Rafał Sądej from the Moan project, while albo.studio took care of the album's design.
Release date: 30.01.2024

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