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Edition of 300 CD folded in 6panels digipack and conteins booklet with all of lyrics. 

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Only in presale album available at special dicounted price up to 15%. Offer valid only at Alchembria.pl until release date.

After a well-received debut, ZŁE OKO (EVIL EYE) returns with a new album titled "Xenos". It contains 9 songs that are difficult to assign to any specific genre. The author herself describes her music as feminoise - drone - punk. Although for some such a combination might seem impossible, it is difficult to describe the musical content of "Xenos" more accurately. What we're dealing with here is downright hit, easily remembered electronics, based on illbient rhythms and a slightly rough, dirty industrial sound. The whole is complemented by texts that are strong in message and sound, challenging the imposed order, breaking down established patterns, and challenging stereotypes thoughtlessly cultivated by subsequent generations.
Album on CD in digipack, released in cooperation with Zoharum and DIY Koło publishing houses.

Release date: 23.04.2023

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