SUNEATERS 'Cosmic Insight, Baby (Part One)' 10"

Publikacja na 10" winylu w barwach Reue Um Reue. 
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Publikacja na 10" winylu w barwach Reue Um Reue. 

Info od wydawvy: The electronics of the legendary 70s “Berliner Schule” are coming back to life again! Tobias Fischer (Feu Follet/Naarmann und Neiteler) and Mirko Uhlig (solo/Aalfang mit Pferdekopf) are openly displaying their love for floating pads, pulsating sequencers, dynamic melodies and freely breathing soundscapes. The duo combines the warmth and deepness of analogue “cosmic music” with emotional drones and contemporary electronics. References are plentiful, ranging from the great pioneers Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze as well as Kluster and Eno to the magical musical territories of Coil, Robert Fripp and Mirror. Featuring the guest appearance of renowned ambient and classical composer Steve Jolliffe (founding member of Supertramp and Tangerine Dream) on flute. -Reue un Reue. Lim ed 347x

Reue Um Reue

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