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CD opublikowane przez Eight Tower Records.

Info producenta: The new album of Nihil Impvlse, Anabasis, is the drone industrial soundtrack of the constant strife for the pursuit of progress. An ascent chased through conflict and war, mankind's path is oblivious of the past and unaware of the future. Yet, we march on. Amidst haunting clouds of ignorance, across shifting wastelands of history's debris. Our hands are dirty, our legacy is tainted. Yet, we fight on. Unheroic guerrillas in a constantly evolving struggle against space, time, each other, ourselves, the unknown. Zealot inquisitors unraveling the threads of secret plots and conspiracies, and martyrs of lost causes burned on the stake of obscurantism. Hindered and beguiled by the shadows of tradition, inspired and motivated by deceptive truths, we raise our banners, we waive our flags. And so, in an accelerating spiral of creation and destruction, new worlds are conquered, new days are seized. Until the omega point of our species will be reached, maybe in an exploding flash of pos thuman intelligence, or maybe in a silent disintegration of too human idiocy.

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