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Edycja CD opubikowana przez Klanggalerie

Info od wydawcy: Sutcliffe No More is the follow-up name for the band known as Sutcliffe Jugend. It was founded by Kevin Tomkins in 1982. It started as a Power Electronics act, quickly gaining a name for itself, before branching out stylistically, creating a distinctive style that drew influence from all manner of genres while keeping true to their roots as a noise act. In its original form Sutcliffe Jugend existed for less than a year before Tomkins stopped the project to join Whitehouse. He reformed the group in 1994 with Paul Taylor who also played on some of the project's early material. The project ended in 2019. They released one album under a new name, Slaves No More, then continued as Sutcliffe No More. While obviously the band's roots lie in Noise Music and Power Electronics, and the influence of Whitehouse can still be heard, Sutcliffe No More are now focusing on a more diverse musical approach to accompany Kevin Tomkins' lyrics. Recently, they started to introduce distorted rhythms into their music as well. Normal is the first album that also features PaulTaylor on vocals.


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