PAARABOLA - Pure Holistic Evil CD

CD edition released by Zoharum

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Do you remember sludge played on electronics, bass and percussion recorded on the album "Not Much of A Talker"? You are probably wondering where this question from our side comes from? Well, "Pure Holistic Evil" is a solo album by Elektronik from YUTANI, the same one whose debut album we published a little over a year ago. While the tri's music is the result of ideas, three different personalities, PAARABOLA is the culmination of the ideas of one of them. Contrary to all assumptions, on the debut album we will find 100% electronic music, circulating within the framework of broadly understood club music, or referring to it in various ways. "Pure Holistic Evil" is a total of eight rhythmic pieces that could warm up more than one dance floor. However, their greatest asset is not so much their functional character, but the story woven from them, coming out of them in an unobtrusive, unobtrusive way. What? Check for yourself by reaching for this material. Album released on CD limited to 300 copies; also available in digital version.

Release date 16.06.2023.

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