KRENG ‎– Selfed 2 x10"

Kolejna odsłona w 10-calowej serii Substantia Innominata

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Kolejna odsłona w 10-calowej serii Substantia Innominata. Album KRENG opublikowany na dwóch 10" winylach.
Info od wydawcy: Words by the director about the concept of SELFED: "In botany, selfing causes an animal or plant to breed with or fertilise one of the same hybrid origin or strain, thus causing the organism to self-pollinate or self-fertilise. The cover pictures refer to ultrasonic pictures of a self-replicating cyberpunk/biopunk unborn being in its early stage, to repetitive oscillator sounds and cyclic lifeforms.

In SELFED, the performance, as well as the score and the sound design, explore methods to adapt the body to mental and physical barriers and how to overcome those obstacles or gain control over them. The dance performance incorporates both the philosophy and techniques of Parkour within contemporary dance. We investigate the notion of the energy of self and self-sacrifice. The self meant as an aid and a tool for introspection and reflexion, for demolition and construct of the borders of the self - of the body and the mind. Accordingly, the performance and music reflects on the positioning of mankind towards individual and social power structures." [KEVIN TRAPPENIERS]

(In 2014, Kevin Trappeniers was artist in residence TAKT Dommelhof (BE) to create the dance performance SELFED, that premiered at Plesni Teater Ljubljana (Slovenia). After this choreographic debut, which consisted of an outside and an inside part made for the specific locations in Slovenia, Trappeniers reworked the inside part to physical theatre.)

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