GERMINAL - Il ritorno degli inverni freddi CD

CD opublikowane przez Silentes.

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CD opublikowane przez Silentes.

Info od wydawcy: Limited edition of 200 copies.* Eight 'watercolours' of 'classic' ambient music with nuanced and delicate hues... Eight touching instrumental 'landscapes' painted through soft and sober sonorities, barely whispered melodies, an ever-changing play of light and shadow with a flavour as hypnotic as it is relaxing. A continuous observation of the surrounding landscape through swaying leaves and windswept tree foliage, catching and capturing in the apparent stillness every little movement, every element around, here skilfully translated into evocative and exciting sound vibrations. With "Il ritorno degli inverni freddi" (The Return of Cold Winters) and this "Germinal" project, Federico Franzin, already active in a different and much more extreme musical context for his works under the moniker "Androphilia", signs a dreamy album of pure ambient music out of time for endless listening, more dedicated for deep listening, or as a pleasant background sound

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