Gianluca Becuzzi - Mana 2CD

Publikacja Sientes

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Info od wydawcy:In anthropology, the concept of mana identifies a supernatural impersonal power. It manifests itself through men as power or superiority, bestowed upon them by spirits. Sound is the musician's magic gesture. Through the choice and development of a language, the artist shapes the step of his entry into that mysterious realm. In this work, the search for a maximalist and minimalist form at the same time allowed me to make experience of two coexisting conditions of art: presence and absence. Affirmation and denial. Power and lightness. The ostentation and the subtraction. These are the two ways of the artist today: the awareness of being there, the will to deny oneself to unacceptable reality. Living in two worlds, evoking the plus-real through music, is an ethical and aesthetic rebellion that draws on an inscrutable and sacred strength. Music is my mana. Art is our hope." - Gianluca Becuzzi, April 2021

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