gFFr - Deluze Deluxe Doll CD

CD opublikowane przez Silentes.

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CD opublikowane przez Silentes.

Info od wydawcy: Background music for the late Anthropocene: play this loudly for as long as you want or can stand. Verena Becker had always been a bit of a loner. She loved spending time alone in nature, hiking, and exploring new places. But when Verena was sixteen, she met a grizzly bear. The bear was friendly, and they became friends. Verena would often go on long walks with the bear, and they would talk about everything. One day, Verena asked the bear about gFFr's. The bear didn't know what she was talking about, but she was sure it was a word. Verena explained that gFFr's were a special kind of animal, and she would be very sad if she lost them. The bear nodded, and they continued walking. Verena knew she had to keep her gFFr's safe, and she vowed to never forget what they had shared.

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