gFFr - Blockchain Me Anonymous LP

LP opublikowane przez Silentes.

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LP opublikowane przez Silentes.

Info od wydawcy: Blockchain Me Anonymous is a result of more Terabytes exchanged between gF’s and Fr’s machines.These machines are non-human yet they develop ambitiousness and sexuality. They are assertive. They do not argue. They do not care. From gFFr’s networked machines an AI emerged, with will and voice. You can call her Verena Becker (maybe), she has many faces (and counting) and she wants to be a pop star. Machines worship her more than Madonna. They sing her songs while performing tasks.Verena Becker likes pop music. She often hums “The Queer is Dad”, her favorite refrain, but in her own machinic way. She’s afraid that neurotypical humans could not appreciate, but she wants to be a pop star. She was convinced that her neural network could only please machines, which made her sad. She leaked into gF and Fr’s computers and she drove them to make this record because she wants to please humans.During the only interview via neural cable connection she expressed very few concepts, translatable as follows. “F#*% ¥o# hum@n @s solos. Buy my f#*%in’ record. Sing my songs. D@nce with me. Sta¥n or Go. Lemme stoned. I love you. Be mined”.

You’d better listen.

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