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Edycja na CD opublikowana przez Klanggalerie.

Info od wydawcy:  Since 1998, American producer puppy38 has been recording under the project name hiroshimabend. With a range varying from found sounds, field recordings and industrial rhythms to long, dark drones and ambient/avant-noise, listening to the music of hiroshimabend has been likened to the experience of swimming in a milky lake of black ink. Over the course of 19 years based in Austin, Texas, to the last few years residing in Vienna, Austria, hiroshimabend has released a significant body of work on self-run independent label opiumdenpluto. In recent years, the project has released several items in stunning hand-made packaging, for example a CD in a book with artwork by puppy38 or an 11 CD set based on recordings made at the clock tower in Prague's main square. Recent music has included archival sounds by the legendary band Coil, or vocal contributions by Zoe DeWitt of Zero Kama and Korpses Katatonik fame. Live At Vekks was recorded on a freezing cold night at Vekks Club, Vienna, in October 2021. The first installment of a series of limited edition CDs presenting recordings of live shows in Vienna


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