DAWN + DUSK ENTWINED - When I Die Burn Me ..... CD

Edycja na CD opublikowana przez Dark Vinyl.

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Edycja na CD opublikowana przez Dark Vinyl.
Info od wydawcy: Since their debut in 1999 on the cult label WORLD SERPENT, Dawn+Dusk Entwined have become something of heroes for fans of dark folk and dark wave sounds.
After a break of several years, there was a first sign of life in April 2022 with GODWIN POINT, a side project of David S., and now finally the long-awaited new album of DAWN+DUSK ENTWINED follows: "When I die, burn me in the clothes of my youth".
Musically, the morbid mood remains predominant, but alternates with analogue / electronic passages, creating an 80's soundtrack that seems dark folk and dark ambient, but at the same time, thanks to the voices of Patrick Leagas (Sixth Comm / Death in June) and Hélène, has a touch of PostPunk and reminiscence of the 80's DarkWave times. In the end, however, David's familiar voice assures us that this is indeed a D+DE album.
Great songs ! Great melodies ! Probably the best DAWN+DUSK ENTWINED album so far !

Dark Vinyl

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