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"Chimney" is the end result of a year of sporadic and inspired sessions of improvised music making by Marc Blackie (of Sleeping Pictures) and Lloyd James (of Naevus), both artists have already released one full album on OEC ! "Chimney" exemplifies a strict yet free approach to the creative process resulting in the collision of humour with dense atmospheres. For the making of these recordings the rules of performance were quickly chosen, a recording was made immediately after and the results were mixed to remain as faithful as possible to the original impetus. The instrumentation used ranges across piano, naive percussion, guitar, broken synthesizer, detuned accordion, electronic treatments and abused microphones to produce pieces whose styles could be variously described as ambient, mock-power electronics, exotica... But, for the most part, the pieces here simply defy description. "Chimney" also includes guest vocals from the inimitable Rose McDowall (of Strawberry Switchblade, Sorrow, Coil, etc) on one track, while another track features vocals, samples and theremin courtesy of John Murphy (of KnifeLadder, Shining Vril, SPK, The Associates, etc.). "Chimney" is an essential testament to the power of spontaneous composition.

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