SECT7 - Obsessiveness CD

 "Obsessiveness" is the title of SECT7's debut album. 

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"Obsessiveness" is the title of SECT7's debut album. We announced its premiere a few months earlier, releasing the single "Subliminal Stimuli", available on cassette and digitally.In addition to the single song, the album includes six other songs, written in the spirit of industrial music. We are dealing here with heavy, motor electronics with a raw, even rough and metallic sound, on which numerous looped phrases are based, constituting the background for many synthesizer melodies, sampled vocalizations, unexpected twists and tempos, so that a coherent whole emerges from them, a well-thought-out concept of the artist, corresponding perfectly with the graphic aspect of the publication, also authored by her. Although the whole thing fits perfectly into the convention of techno scene with a touch of electro energy, driven by the mechanical rhythms of EBM, it serves not only club entertainment, but also serves as a medium where various tropes, woven quotes and their context subconsciously force further reinterpretation.

The album released on CD in an edition of 300 pieces in a jewel case with an unconventional cover.
Premiere on October 30, 2023.

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