LULL - Journey Through Underworlds CD

Reedycja abumu LULL w barwach Cold Spring.

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Reedycja abumu LULL w barwach Cold Spring.

Info od wydawcy: The classic, genre-defining 1993 album from LULL - the pioneering, isolationist dark ambient project of MICK HARRIS of SCORN, FRET, ex-NAPALM DEATH - is a dark journey through the Stygian netherworlds of Hell. The listener is left with the impression of a final escape into reality; a return upon waking, with only wispy trace memories and the heavy rush of blood-pumping fear as a keepsake. With this album, we are plunged back into a dark pit of noise - all escape barred, all hope dashed. The nightmare continues, the journey through underworlds descends deeper. These are soundtracks for Nightmares. Despite there being just three tracks on the album, it lasts just shy of 75 minutes.

Originally released on Sentrax (the label of the late John Everall / Tactile), the CD suffered the 'disc rot' fate of many PDO pressings from 1988-1993, rendering most of that initial run unplayable.

Mixed by Justin K Broadrick (GODFLESH). Remastered by Martin Bowes (The Cage Studios) from the original recordings supplied by Mick Harris.

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